Lost Golf Ball

A foursome was on the last hole and when the last golfer drove off the
tee he hooked into a cow pasture. He advised his friends to play
through and he would meet them at the clubhouse. They followed the
plan and waited for their friend.

After a considerable time he appeared disheveled, bloody, and badly
beaten up. They all wanted to know what happened.

He explained that he went over to the cow pasture but could not find
his ball. He noticed a cow wringing her tail in obvious pain. He went
over and lifted her tail and saw a golf ball solidly embedded. It was
a yellow ball so he knew it was not his.

A woman comes out of the bushes apparently searching for her lost golf
ball. The helpful male golfer lifted the cow’s tail and asked, “Does
this look like yours?”

That was the last thing he could remember.