Pfitz’s Pfunnies began in 1998 as I started collecting and forwarding funny emails like everyone else, using a personal mailing list. In March of 2000 I migrated the list over to Yahoo! and started the Pfitz’s Pfunnies Yahoo Group, which lasted until June 2006, when I shifted over to Google Groups, where it lasted until November 2007.

At that point, I decided I was spending too much time on too many technology-related things. To simplify life and consolidate the venues I regularly contributed to, I stopped posting to the Pfitz’s Pfunnies Google Group and began using the blog I was already maintaining.

As with many others, I’ve come to use Facebook for my sharing of various thoughts and news stories. The blog began having larger and larger gaps between postings. Finally, I decided to close the blog and begin this humor-based website, using the same name I’ve used for ten years. This way I can update it whenever I like but it can still be used as a resource by anyone. And an RSS feed is still available if you choose to have pfunnies sent to you when I post them.

About Me

As of January 2017, I am the Access Services Librarian at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse and have been in academia mostly as a librarian since 1997.  I’m also a composer of music for many different instruments and styles. You can view lists of compositions on my composer website. My graduate composition recital (required to finish my Master’s in Music Composition at Butler in May 2010) is available on my YouTube channel.