I Can Sell Anything

Sid Needham walked into an insurance office and asks for a job. “We don’t need anyone” the manager told him. “You can’t afford not to hire me. I can sell anything to anyone, anytime, anywhere!” “Well we have two prospects that none of our agents has been able to sell. If you can sell just ... Read More

Fun with Telemarketers

(Author and date unknown) One of the things that has always bugged me and I’m sure it has most of you too, is to sit down to dinner only to be interrupted by a phone call from a telemarketer. I decided, on one such occasion, to try to be as irritating to them, as they ... Read More

The Suit

When the store manager returned from lunch, he noticed his clerk’s hand was bandaged, but before he could ask about the bandage, the clerk said he had some very good news for him. “Guess what, sir?” the clerk said. “I finally sold that terrible, ugly suit we’ve had so long!” “Do you mean that repulsive ... Read More