Country Song Titles

Readers of a New York magazine were asked to invent country-song titles. Here are some entries: – Ain’t No Trash In My Trailer Since The Night I Threw You Out – You Wanted To Get Hitched, But My Heart Is Filled With Whoa – Baked My Sweetie A Pie, But He Left With A Tart ... Read More

Christmas Carols for the Psychiatrically Challenged

SCHIZOPHRENIA: Do You Hear What We Hear? DEMENTIA: I Think I’ll Be Home for Christmas NARCISSISTIC: Hark the Herald Angels Sing about Me MANIC: Deck the Halls and Walls and House and Lawn and Streets and Stores and Office and Town and Cars and Buses and Trucks and Trees and Fire Hydrants and… PARANOID: Santa ... Read More

Beatles Computer Song

(to the tune of “Let It Be “) When I find my code in tons of trouble, Friends and colleagues come to me, Speaking words of wisdom: Write in C. As the deadline fast approaches, And bugs are all that I can see, Somewhere, someone whispers: Write in C. Write in C, write in C, ... Read More

Scott’s Narcissistic Hits

Announcing the my two new CDs! Scott Sings the Narcissistic Hits 1. I Love Me, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah 2. Hopelessly Devoted to Me 3. How Sweet it Is to Be Loved by Me 4. I Wanna Hold My Hand 5. Everything I Do, I Do it for Me 6. I Am the Sunshine of My ... Read More