Special Occasion

Johnny’s mom taught him to read when he was just 4 years old. That was her first mistake.

One day, he was in the bathroom and noticed one of the cabinet doors under the sink was open. Johnny read the box in the cabinet. Quite curious, he asked his mother why she was keeping napkins in the bathroom; didn’t they belong in the kitchen?

Not wanting to burden his young mind with unnecessary facts, she told him that those napkins were for special occasions.

Later that fall, on Thanksgiving Day, Johnny’s folks left to pick up the pastor and his wife for dinner. Mom had assignments for all the kids while they were gone. Johnny’s was to set the table.

When they returned, the good natured pastor came in first and immediately burst into laughter. Next came his wife who gasped, then began giggling. Next came Johnny’s Dad, who roared with laughter. Finally, wondering what was going on, in came Mom, who almost died of embarrassment when she saw each place setting on the table with a “special occasion” napkin at each plate, with the fork carefully arranged on top. His red faced mother asked him why he used these and, of course, his response sent everyone into yet another round of jolly laughter:

“But Mom, you SAID they were for special occasions!”