Redneck Jedi

You might be a redneck jedi if:

  • Your landspeeder has a bumper-sticker that reads “I break for Wookies!”
  • Your lightsaber has been used to power a still.
  • You’ve ever eaten roadkill bantha stew.
  • You’ve made out with your sister and your dad wants to kill you. You use the force to help your mother win at the bingo hall.
  • Your landspeeder has a blaster-rifle rack in the back window, bantha horns on the grill and a 4×4 off-road mode.
  • The inside of your x-wing smells worse than the outside (or inside) of a taun-taun.
  • You have an ewok hunting license.
  • Gungans can’t understand “a word yousa-say-zin.”
  • You have a tattoo of Obi-Wan Kenobi and under it reads “May the Force be with y’allways.”