Peke Guard Dog

Sam and George owned a store in the outskirts of San Francisco. It had
been burglarized several times in the past year and Sam decided to buy
a guard dog.

Shopping for one, Sam found himself in Chinatown, at a pet store whose
sign boasted, “The Best Guard Dogs That Money Will Buy.” He entered
the store, but much to his disappointment, all the dogs he could see
were Pekingese.

“Excuse me”, Sam said to the manager, “But the sign outside says you
sell guard dogs. Where are they?”

The manager, an elderly Chinese man, replied, “Oh, but these are
highly trained guard dogs. They all know karate.”

“Karate? No way!”

“I’ll show you”, said the shop owner. He took one of the Pekingese out
to the backyard and put it in front of a brick. The dog stood
absolutely still. The shopkeeper gave a command, “Karate! Brick!”

And with complete astonishment, Sam saw the little dog perform a
perfect karate chop, splitting the brick in half.

The shop owner then gave another command, “Karate! Board!”

Again, the little Pekingese effortlessly jumped up and broke the board.

Totally amazed, Sam bought the dog. Back at his own store, he showed
the guard dog Pekingese to George, who thought he was completely mad
and told him to return the Pekingese immediately.

“But, he is a trained guard dog.”

“Yeah, sure!”

Sam put the Pekingese on the floor and said, “He knows karate!!”

With a sneer George retorted, “Karate, my ass!”