Vocal Dyslexia

There is a disease terrible that strikes 10 out of 1 Americans 15
every minutes. Vocal Dyslexia it’s called. An elment I’ve been lifing
all my fight. It can warn without striking and has no regard for
case, read, or crolor.

~ speechaled garb
~ backs coming out wordward
~ and an inability to sent a complete putence together

The victims: innocent people like you and pe

Sadly, Vocal Dyslexia is wilding liek spreadfire and there is no
cureful symp, butthere is hope. The dyslexia foundation has
recommended these things 3:

3rd: at the first trub of signale phonsult a confition
2nd: stay in bed and drink flenty of pluids
1st: read as can as you much

For more information write: 999 Teenfifth Street, Grand Mapids,

Thank you muchy ver.