Tough Letter to Santa

Little Johnny wanted a bike for Christmas. He started writing his letter to Santa:

“Dear Santa, I promise to be a good boy and do my homework and clean my room if you…”

Oh no, that was WAY too much to promise. He started again:

“Dear Santa, Please send me a bicycle and I will be good…”

Hmmm…he realized the futility of his efforts. He KNEW he had not been a good little boy. Maybe he’d better bring out the big guns, and address himself to the Head Honcho himself. After all, Jesus was supposed to be very forgiving….

“Dear Jesus,” he started. Then he stopped, and thought for a while. Promising to be good would probably not work for Jesus either….

Aha! Johnny knew what to do! He went over to the family’s Nativity Scene, and carefully picked up the figure of Mary. Back to his room he scurried, and carefully wrapped the figurine in some t-shirts and socks. Then he put it in the darkest corner of his closet, shut the door, and picked up his pen again.

“Dear Jesus, If you ever want to see your mother again…”