Top 10 Signs You’re on a Bad Date

Here are the Top Ten Signs you’re on a bad date:

10. He eats his steak with his fingers and uses the fork to scratch his armpits.

9. During the movie, you notice she’s holding hands with the guy on her other side.

8. She says, “I’ll probably finish my dinner before you since I have worms.”

7. After the goodnight kiss, she tells you her real name is Bruce.

6. She doesn’t even say “Thank you”after dinner at the AM/PM.

5. You go to Disneyland and she kicks Goofy in the shins.

4. You keep losing your date because she keeps moving to a different Internet chat room.

3. Instead of the bill, the waiter gives you a note that says, “You run, I’ll stall her!”

2. He hurries to drop you off by 10 because Hillary gets home at 11.

1. “Whoa? 8:15 already?”