Newlywed Breakfast

A newly married couple returned from their honeymoon and the next day the bride woke up and decided to make her husband breakfast in bed. She brought him scrambled eggs, toast, and orange juice. While eating the breakfast, the man said, “It’s good, but it’s not like mother used to make.”

So the next day she tried to improve the breakfast. She fried the eggs over easy, cooked some bacon, made toast with butter and jam, and brewed some coffee. His response was “This is really good, but it’s not like mother used to make.”

At wit’s end, the bride woke up early the following day, made Eggs Benedict, got the bacon perfectly cooked, toasted the bread to perfection, served with butter and raspberry preserves, and freshly squeezed some oranges for his juice. The husband said, “This is wonderful, but it’s still not like mother used to make.”

The next day the bride was still furious. She burned the bacon, burned the toast and served it dry, left eggshells in the scrambled eggs, and made the coffee extra weak. When she served it to him, the man tried it and said, “Now THIS is like mother used to make!”