Grandpa Forgot

My grandpa and grandma were sitting on their porch swing enjoying the nice evening breeze, when Grandpa lovingly leaned over and said, “Hey Ma, I’m gonna have some ice cream, would you like some?”

“Yeah, Pa, but you’d better write it down or you’ll forget,” said Grandma.

Grandpa replied, “I won’t forget.” “Alright then,” said Grandma, “I’d like nuts and whipped cream and a cherry on mine.  You’d better write that down, Pa. You’re gonna forget it.” Disgruntled, Grandpa stormed off to the kitchen mumbling that he wouldn’t forget.

Well, he was in there a long time, and when he finally did return, he had the best looking plate of scrambled eggs you ever saw. He smiled his best smile and leaned over to give it to Grandma.

She just smiled back and said, “I told you that you’d better write it down, you old coot. You forgot my bacon!!!”