A Klingon Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol from Worf, to the tune of “The Christmas Song”
(“Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire”):

Phasers flashing in the depths of space,
Ripping up an airtight hull;
Signs of fear on your enemy’s face,
And life support signs reading null!
Ev’rybody knows a Romulan’s a spineless foe
Who lacks the Klingon will to fight!
Phaser beams set his torso aglow
He’ll find it hard to breathe tonight!
He knows that Worf is on his way!
And soon he’ll be the object of the verb “to slay”!
And ev’ry slinking Rom and Pakled spy
Will soon become the subject of the verb “to die”!
And so I’m offering this simple threat
To Roms, and all Ferengi, too:
You’ll be as dead as a life form can get
Merry Christmas to you!